ASDC has worked on mobile communications filed over years, and built a stable long-run partnership with China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom and also has strategic partnership with Ericsson, Sony, ZTE, Huawei and etc.
         Mobile Internet is an emerging service by smart mobile terminals replying on mobile wireless to communicate with internet. It includes three layers: terminal, software and applications.Developed with the 4G, NFC, mobile signature and other new technologies, mobile internet is growing in fast step.    By closely following up the industry trend, ASDC carried out numerous researches and collaboration in mobile social networking, mobile advertising, mobile e-reading, mobile e- pay and mobile e-commerce business etc. andgainedexpertise experience in above fields.
         Mobile middleware products with independent intellectual property : M-Ignitor
        1.Based on extended platform of PhoneGapopensourceframework, supports rapid development on cross-platform by using HTML5+JS
        2.ExtendsPhoneGap, andequipped withcapabilities inthe cross-platform of HTML5 and good user experience of Native
        3.Supports PC Web auto-converted to Mobile Web, and accelerates the transplantation of traditional enterprise application to enterprise mobile application.





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