As a member of society , ASDC provides a low carbon, green industry services without pollution by information technology during the exploration of industrial development. In the course of business operation, ASDC emphasizes consistently the concept of legitimate business in the development, standardizes the management, strengthens the technology innovation and service consciousness, fulfill obligations to pay taxes with consciousness. In the realization of enterprise value at the time, ASDC has keep mind of the social responsibility first, maintained the sustainable development of enterprises, and realized the harmonious development of the country among with society, enterprise and people.

        ASDC dedicates to be an enterprise with social responsibility, which contributes efforts to social returns. Throughout "integrity, pragmatic, professional" enterprise culture, ASDC operates daily work integrated of society, clients, employees and environmental concerns, for creating a better living environment as a target.


        ASDC committed over the years in terms of social responsibility: people-oriented, environmental protection, social returns, and create jobs.

        Employee- oriented

        ASDC has paid great attention to talents development, and regarded "employee development", "respect", "trust" as one of our core values. We continuously improve employee welfare from all perspective such as safety, health care and other basic rights. We offer equal opportunities on jobs and career development to our current and potential employees no matter race, religion, gender, nationality, age, disable, title and help them balance off from work and life in order to enjoy the growth and share the achievement of ASDC development.

        ASDC set up rescue fund, when difficulties encountered in the employees and their families, company would not hesitate to help employees out of troubles, in order to provide a safe working environment for employees.

    Environment friendly

        ASDC has consistently advocated a "green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction", to create a green community through the actual practices. Company is trying to forward the sense of eco-friendly to each employee by advocating garbage sorting and recycling, saving from daily life and commuting by public transportation. By various conducting propaganda, environment protection consciousness has become more popular in company.

    Social returns

        ASDC is grateful to the chance of social contribution. In every society and state in time of need,ASDC voluntarily  donates and supports, especially in contributions of the Wenchuan and Yushu earthquake, donations both from company and individuals. The poverty alleviation activity of focal community is led by ASDC continuously over ten years

     Job Creation

        ASDC provides a large number of employment opportunities, contributes to social burden reduction. Meanwhile, ASDC offers many job opportunities and internship to college students.  So that they will have the opportunity to participate in the actual work and accumulate working of experience.  Over 80% interns chose to work at ASDC after their graduation.
















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