The fifth plenary session of the 17th CPC Central Committee has declared that   focusing on the development ofcritical information systems, strengthening the construction of fundamental & important information resources, promoting e-government infrastructure, enhancing the integration of government public administration and service capabilities. Promoting e-government by Information technology referredas the consensus of government agencies and institutions.
         During , Nov. 9th 2010, the "National e-government information sharing and business collaboration conference " held in XiaMen, the achievements of local e-government information sharing and collaborative workswere applauded in the meeting, meanwhile, put forward new requirements on the government's information sharing and business collaboration.


         In thefuture, Chinese e-government could be summed up in five key words: Integration, Collaboration, Interconnection,Share, and Reconstruction.Integration meansintegrating the existing government system greatly with thedeepening administrative reform together;collaboration focuses on the cross-agency collaboration of business;Internet sharingovercomes fragmentation and information silo and accelerates the interconnection; Share is about upgradingresource sharing level based on integration and inter-connectioncooperation.Reconstruction means remodeling some major comprehensive application projects based on the adjustment of government organization system.
According to the business form of government organization, EG is primarily applied to three fields:
        1.Public affairs office:  Internet-aid to implement external affairs of government agenciessuch as application, declaration and etc, inorder to improve the operational efficiency and transparency.
        2.Government OA:Improving the office efficiency of government agencies by ITlocalization, such as:  official document submission, information notification and information Inquiry
        3.QueryingGovernment affairs information: Providing the inquiry service of policies, rules, regulations and procedures for public and business organizations.


         As the fundamental design ideas of "information coordination", "business collaboration", "resource coordination", the ASDC government industry solutions broke up the existing barriers in informationsilos and service suspending from enterprise information system, and realized thecollaborative and interactive application systemwith open-ended, extensible performancesamong internal government agencies, departments, government and public.
         Our EG solutions include one platform and four application systems:
        1.Fundamental network platform:a platform which comprises hardware, software and network infrastructure system satisfies all above requirements.
        2.Government information portal system: The implementation of this system will build a government public service network (government external sites).The public and enterprises could check public government information and submit applications through government public service sites which synchronizes information within government internal office network by information security exchanging system.
        3.Government online office system: the implementation of this system will build a government internal office publicsite to meet office routines and also exchange information with government externalsites by information security exchanging system to maintain and process public affairs.
        4.Information security exchanging system: the implementation of this system will build aninformation security exchanging system to make sure the security of government internal sites. External and Internal sites must be physical isolated and ensure the necessary information exchanging under the condition. The system will make sure the security of information exchanging between external and internal sites.
        5.Government Information Archiving System:Each archives/record roomuses the system ininformationalized approach to archive the official e-docs such as sent& received text, requests and approvalsout of each governmentprocess, which finally submitted tosuperiorArchives Bureau, in order tofacilitate the process of conversation, management, utilization to support for decision makers.
         ASDC Government Industry Solutions could help government agencies to realize: unified platform and applications; great dealof information sharing; information confidential and categorized permissions;Optimized and standardized business processes; interaction between government and society; faster and more convenient public service; improving working efficiency and transparency.



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