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Job title


C++ developer

1.Bachelor degree above, Computer Science or related majors
2.English: CET 4 above, knowing Japanese is preferred  
3.2-4 years experience in C + + development, skilled use of VC + + development.
4.strong command for VC++/MFC in windows environment
5.strong command for OOP concepts
6.Independent analysis and design capabilities are required. Outstanding abilities in analysis issues and trouble shooting are plus.
7.Excellent communication skills, diligent, like challenges.
8.having medical software-related experience is preferred



C/C++ developer

1.Bachelor degree above, Computer Science or related majors
2.English: CET 4 above
3.3 years working experience in Linux
4.Excellent communication skills, and initiative
5.familiar with Linux Operating system and the development environment
6.having Android system development is preferred.



JAVA developer

1.Bachelor degree above, Computer Science or related majors
2.understanding basic concepts of J2EE
3. proficient in JAVA and JS coding
4.proficient in SSH framework
5.proficient in JS.CSS.XML Schema and XML
6.proficient in Tomcat.Websphere and Jboss deployment
7.English: CET 4 above; good in reading and writing. could independently compose English  specification and test example documentation


Java Web developer college above degree; Computer Science or related majors
2.3 years working experience in Java development. ability to independently develop.
3.familiar with common JAVA web framework, understand the design model
4.familiar with SQL, and Oracle tools
5.familiar with program design
6.having AJAX .EXT.JS development experience is preferred.
7.Good professionalism and team work spirit



Project manager

1.Bachelor degree above, Computer Science or related majors
2.3 years above experience on Web project , 1 year above experience on project management .
3. solid skill on Java and other common OOP language.
4.Familiar with SSH and other mainstream Web development frameworks, and JavaScript / CSS and other commonly used front-end development technologies.
5.familiar with Linux
6.Familiar with common project management software , having agile development experience is a plus.
7.have some team management experience; quick-learner
8.good communication skills and understanding. team work
9.outgoing, Positive. available to work under pressures.



ASP.NET developer

1.Bachelor degree above, Computer Science or related majors
2.English: CET 4 above
3.3 to 5 years web development experience on MVC
4.good communication skills and understanding.
5.skillful in use of Visual Studio.
6.familiar with Java, Flex is preferred;  familiar with Unix, Linux is preferred; 



Solution manager

1.manage pre-sales technical support team
2.responsible to collect, organize technical resources and cases
3.independently lead a team to meet clients and give solutions for different situations.
4.10 years experience in IT industry least 5 years experience on develop, construct, design and solution
6.available to independently work or lead a team
7. wide range knowledge on IT and related filed, familiar with the mainstream framework
8.succeed in technical support.  available to follow up Key Account and technical integration of big project.
9. wide understanding on the mainstream of IT vendor and its product and available to apply in real


Office assistant for declaration of qualification and subsidies

job description
1.responsible to the maintenance of certification e-version management system, responsible to manage keep and borrow of documents
2.Assistant in project preperation, online sign up, form fill out, document audition, binding copy and so on
3.responsible to the online documentations audit and follow up
4.inform work flow, department collaboration, and data preparation
5.exhibition reservations, meeting sign up, data collection
6.Other departments arrangements.
1.Bachelor degree above, Computer Science, Electronic information or related majors
2.1 to 2 years working experience, familiar with the operation of  software company
3.clear with related polices and available to do research
4.proficient in Office Suit
5.strong writing and oral skills
6.outgoing, positive, desire to learn, strong pressure resist work, thinking and responsible



Operation and maintenance engineer


job description
1.responsible for the internal LAN  maintenance; digital archive software system maintenance.
2.device management: router. PC. audio device ; network monitoring and maintenance
3.routine maintenance and management of office supply security maintenance & trouble-shooting; PC trouble-shooting
5.technical support when client have software using problem
6.responsible for construction and maintenance of internal information systems;  DNS, Back-end, and E-mail management;  Archive maintenance

1.Computer Science or related majors, 2 years working experience above
2.familiar with router, switch, and the configuration of  firewall device.
3. familiar with windows and Linux; the construction of  WEB, FTP and Mail server.
4.strong learning capacity, communication skills and collaborations, a go-getter, and  good Service awareness
5.good  team work  spirit
6.familiar with delphi and basic SQL command
7.proficient in operation system, cyber net and database server operations
8.have experience on system development and related technical support and maintenance 


                                                        Campus Recruitment



General Requirements

1.bachelor degree, Computer Science or related majors, (Fresh undergrads/grads)

2.Major: Applied Mathematics; automation; computer; electronic information; Information Management; software engineering; mechanical and electronics; mechanics, physics , etc.

3.  CET4 above, knowing Japanese is a plus  

4.Also recruiting medical imaging software developers,major related to medical image processing and analysis such as medical electronic engineering, medical imaging, etc.

Especially in the field of medical imaging aspects of the application of computer technology majors (mainly fit for VC + + development or software testing )

detail Requirements

Job title


C++ R&D Engineer

1.Understanding medical image processing algorithm development
2.proficient in image processing algorithms and haveing relevant experience is preferred
3.Familiar with pattern recognition method is preferred, familiar with computer graphics knowledge is preferred
4.strong understanding in C + + , proficient in Matlab, and OOP concepts
5.strong command on VC + + development, strong understanding in coding


C++software developer

1.strong understanding in C + + and OOP concepts

2.Familiar with VC + + development, and VC6/VC8  environment


Java software developer

1.proficient in Java programming design
2.familiar with WEB (javascript、extjs、jquery etc)
3.familiar with MySql or Oracle
4.familiar with Tomcat、weblogic、webSphere


C#.NET software developer

1.familiar with basic C# able to develope C# based on needs, and Unit test
3.understanding basic database knowledge
4.Understand the basic flow of software development

Software QA Engineer

1.Understand the test case design theory and methods
2.Strong interest in  software testing
3.having training or internship experience on software testing and having Linux experience is preferred

Technical Support

1.Remote technical support via telephone and network to trouble shooting client's problem
2.According to client's trouble to maintain their computer
3.requiring English reading ability and using a english version operation system
4.technical support for  Hewlett-Packard, Ericsson and Schneider is not required, and a training will be offered after you enroll; you must be able to read and write English docs, and familiar with English operation system
6.associate-degree above. No matter gender


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