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community solution

        Community Solution is multi-applicationdeveloped based on Intelligent city, combined with IOT, cloud computing, satellite positioning systems, next-generation communications networks, High-performance information processing, intelligent data mining technologies, applied to community management, daily office, community safety, culture promotion and other areas.  The construction of intelligent community makes the future community management evolving to an integrated platform in system and unified collaboration in business. It continually stimulates community management innovation and promotes community modernization by telecom and IT as foundation, community daily office and security as center, integrated information management as guarantee.
        Intelligent community planning

Intelligence community management services platformoverivew
        ASDCintelligent community management services platform is integrated system which combined environment layer, data layer, support platform layer, application layer through integrated use of information networks, automatic control and intelligent recognition technologies to realize digitalized community, intelligentizeddevice, networked information resources, anddaily managementvisualized.

        Technical design principles
        1.Detailing business application software design, meanwhile, strengthening and improvingthe design ofsystemsfundamental application platform to establish a secure, easily-expandableelaboratedmanagement service fundamental platform.
        2.SOA applied ( service-oriented architecture design)
        3.Advanced, mature, practical hardware and software equipment & technology applied
        4.Applied a unified technical specification requirements to servers, operating systems, storage devices, database management systems, middleware, portals, etc.,improvingserver planning based on those above.
        5.Network security  must be considered into system construction (to prevent trespassing, illegal unauthorized access).   System Security (according to various permission levels of different users, allow them to quick and efficient access system recourses within their rights scope). Data security (Sensitive data encryption, transmission, storage by  user authorization management system )
        6.Unified information resource formatting, coding &classification.
        Platform Architecture 

        Platform functional design

        Software Construction Content

        Management elements digitized: Mainly includes all kinds of information, documents, image and video materials about community construction and management, transforming all kinds of resources into data which can be registered, modified, adjusted and stored in management software.

        Basic information:  Community location, building division, equipment, Firefighting, and other types of basic statistics.

        Management Information: project construction, accommodation management, equipment management, material management, building maintenance, team construction and other data arising from business. 

        Community drawings Information:  community floor plan, building floor plan,  facade, floor plan, equipment pipe network

        Document Info: All building achieves, community bird's eye view, aerial view, building division photo, historical photo and other visual data electronization. 

        Information processing: community management elements register, edit, query, statistics, print and export.Particularly pointing out is, management information is generated in the work, such as buildings, facilities and equipment repair information, that should beautomatically transferred into the basestatistical information, to achieve the orderly circulation of information in the system.

        Equipment supervision system: this system co-found a community intelligent monitoring platform with Control center hardware environment.  The system could indicate the location of all intelligent device, warm, water & electricity system structure according to network telecom protocol; set all kinds of supply ratesand opening & closing time control and etc, monitor, warning and auto-prompt for warm, water & electricity system according to auto-acquisitionoperating parameters (including environmental quality monitoring data); remote controlthe opening and closing of various types of partial andoverall pipe network, according to administer and system error command.  This system can be integrated with transaction processing systems, and also available as a separate community center control system.
        Data Collection
        Data Storage
        Device Control
        Integrated query and reporting
        Data calculation and statistics analysis
        Transaction processing system: using for all business management operation inside of community

        1.Housing maintenance: including maintenance planning, maintenance tasks, maintenance expenses, and maintenance records, total four aspects. Maintenance planning, including composing, adjustment, and time setting up.  Maintenance task,including task formulation, distribution, online repair, implementation and etc.Maintenance expense, including the funds management and calculation of maintenance funds; Maintenance record includes record search statistics and etc.
        2.Facilities Management includes basic Information Registration Maintenance, facility filing, usage monitoring record, running condition monitoring record, maintenance management, scrapmanagement , statistical analysis and query.
        3.Device management includes basic information,equipment coding,use management three areas.Equipment basic information, including device name, type, number, etc.; Equipment coding, including coding, creating archive & cards for existing equipment; use management, including device deployment, borrow and return, inventory, in/out stock and maintenance
        4.Materials Management, includingmaterials information maintenance, materials claim, Approval, Grant,
materialsdaily management(borrow and return), inventory management, inquiry statistics and etc.
        5.funds management: including funds claim, planning, spending, audition and etc
        6.information, check-in transaction, housing allocation adjustment, history query, apartment allocation and etc.
        7.Personnel management, including personnel basic information, leave management,  access records, labor dispatching records, user feedback and etc.
        8.Training Evaluation, including training planning, examination scale, standard, results and analysis, and etc.
        9.Afforestationmanagement includes basic information, maintenance management, and information inquiry three areas. Basic information, including Afforestationarea, name, location,supervisor, history record and etc.maintenance management, including maintenance cost, planning, record, statistic and etc. information inquiry, mainly define the afforestation management & maintenance information search.
        10.surplus real estate lease mainly includes leasing registration information,  leasing management, contract, SMS alert, Query statistic and etc.
        web portal: providing information services to user and administrator
        information distribution: news, notification, announcement and other information
        Retrieval query: public part includeslaw, regulation, standard and other related knowledge. Set a certain permission for searching the relevant information of monitoring center and transaction information. 
        working news:  exhibit the news of construction management, especially in the promotion of user-concerned big project, report the daily elegant worksof Property management personnel
        online repair:  building, equipment online repair and advice feedback
        Online announcement: periodically announcewater, electricity, warm and maintenance status and remaining quotas of each user; paid/ unpaid payment of each user; daily community environment quality monitoring data; community planning, project planning and other information that needs to be announced.
        System permissions:To set different level of identity certification authority, through the portal, toconnect innerfunctionsin control center, core database and business processing platform.
        Intelligent control systems

        Intelligent community is a integrated management system which incorporates environment layer, data layer, supporting platform layer and application layer. Through integrated use of information networks, automatic control and intelligent recognition technology to realize digitalized community, intelligentized device, networked information resources, visualized daily management.

        improve the innovation of community management service, accelerate the construction of intelligent city
        Promote the integration of community service resources,  Create a convenient and comfortable communitylifestyle.
        Based on advanced computer technology, communication technology, control technology and IC card technology and using a system integration method, gradually construct a multimedia integrated information interactive system among user to user, user to community service center, user to public, to provide a safe, comfortable, convenient energy saving and efficient living environment, finally realize a home-intellectual-centered,  sustainable development, smart community with modern society features.




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