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CSIG (China Sports Industry Group Co.,Ltd) stadium business information platform

        Project introduction:
        CSIG stadium business information platform project is a stadium-related business and resource management platform. Main businesses include daily fitness billing ticketing, venue booking, retail and training enrollment, membership card management and other services.
        1.The organic combination between maintenance services and financial accounting: the platform introduced the concept of the price based on the evaluation of customer demands and  evaluated  the customer requirements  from two aspects both of technology and cost, and produced order based on the evaluation. After the order confirmed, stepping into the phase of operation and maintenance implementation. In the implementation process, the platform can automatically complete the order cost accounting in financial accounting period.
        2.Standardizing management process of operation and maintenance: based on operation and maintenance business features, to process customer demands, event handling, configuration changes, order adjustment, renew, new resource allocation and so on in standardizing steps and sequences, which made daily operation and maintenance work more efficient and orderly.
        3.Comprehensive security control: in addition to general user account password management provided by platform, using effectiveness of verification input in frontend, anti injection shielding technology in backend, user accessibility effectiveness checking, symmetric encryption of sensitive data, irreversible encryption of user password, audit of access log and so on, and providing a comprehensive security control with before, during and after the time.
        The features and advantages of the project
        CSIG stadium business information platform is a web application implemented by Java, based on SSH(Struts Spring Hibernate) infrastructure with rational design in MVC framework, achieving a invoicing system in B/S mode. The system uses Maven for structuring, greatly improving the system reliability and portability, and supports for cross-platform. The database uses MySql, supporting all versions of Windows and Linux operating systems. The server uses Tomcat6.0, easy configuration and usage. Using jQuery and EasyUI for displaying pages of frontend improves the page loading speed and visual effect greatly.
         Functional partitioning
         System architecture



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