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Beijing Industrial and Commercial BureauOnline registration service system

        Project Introduction
        Project Background

        Beijing Online registration service system is an IC registration E-G system which opened for thepublic to meet their needs and achieve the “Entire agency office” and “Paperless office” of registration. The system covers city bureau, district bureau and street bureau  three level service platform  through internet.  Features include: name registration, Domestic capital registration, Foreign capital Registration, Individual registration, representative body registration,  capital injection audition, Interconnection approval inquiry, Data Statistics analysis and etc.
Project History
        IC Online registration project is one of our successful cases in E-G information management.   The project started in 2009, andis still going on. IC online registration project is serving for pubic IC users. It will dock to IC internal network after accepts data.   It' s a bridge to connect from private corporations and owner to IC administrative staff.

        Beijing Administrationfor Industry&CommerceOnline registration system project construction objective
        1.Online registration service for all enterprise entity
        2.system needed data collection, data exchange with IC internal network
        3.Excel export for user
        4.Query statistics for Approving officers in back-end.

        Due to its own industry characteristics, the IC Online registration come out the other three items:
        1.Chaoyang Reservation, with the strong supported by IC online registration, Chaoyang Reservation made an convenient public reservation service which is an extension of the registration system and provide customized services.
        2.Haidian Reservation, anIC online registration system alike to Chaoyang Reservation,
        3.IC maintenance,in order to ensure the instant response and stability of IC online registration system,  we provide a customized maintenance services and on-site maintenance(a new emerging service direction)

        Client introduce
        The direct customer of this system is our long-term partner, Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau technology center.  Potential Customer includes Chaoyang Industry and Commerce Bureau, Haidian  Industry and Commerce Bureau, Changping  Industry and Commerce Bureau, ZhongguancunTrade and Industry.Based on the business practice over years, Industry and Commerce registration system has been always runninggood status with a high efficiency, high stability and instant response to updating status. This system has been praised many times by industrial and commercial bureau leadershipand strongly supports the online registrationwork for Beijing industrial and commercial bureau.

        Project Features& Advantages
       Technical Features

        Because of openingtothepublic internet user, Industrial and Commercial Online registration system has high concurrency and data volume characteristics. The daily traffic reaches to ten thousandslevel, monthly traffic reaches to hundreds of thousands. Concurrent processing and large data volume are the biggest characteristics of this system.The technology load balancing and distributed transaction are applied to the system to meet the massive traffics and conducted query optimization for database level.
        Additionally, in order to ensure the daily operation of industrial and commercial bureau, an operator is specially-assigned to inspect equipment daily basis to make sure getting rid of any problem at beginning.
        Moreover, some system integration experience such as message package, queuing machine is accumulated from projects and become to a feasible development program.
        In business aspect, through long-term cooperation, we collected  first-hand information in industrial and commercial field, which is significant to company-level strategy.

        Business Features
        In business, the approval process and business judgment of industrial and commercial field is very cumbersome, which might require tens or even hundreds of entries in one business. In order to maximizedimprove the user experience, system applied a JBPM customized work flow and high cohesion & low coupling design, using advanced modular concept to achieve the optimal solution for the most complicated business processes.
        In government sector, it is greatly subject to policy implications. The new government board proposed to simplify the business registration process, and put it in forefront of importantthe government simplifying process. For network registration system, this means a significant and promisingforeground.  

        System Architecture



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