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Advertising management platform

        Advertising management platform is referred as based on Internet technology, to achieve the company's unified supervision and deployment for promotional activities. The platform is used and opened for the company's leadership at all levels who are responsible for advocacy work,  media management, disseminating material management、project data management、dissemination of effectiveness evaluation and cooperative work functions and so on。

        Data types include: dissemination data cost, Media data, Disseminating material data, partnership data, and the third party testing data and so on. From the current situation, the data which all levels  departments used for the actual dissemination works is short of unified specification, resulted that the summarization of data required a lots work of manipulating data in management, which is Lower efficiency. So the system needs to draw up the unified data specifications on the basis of fully investigation. Timely and comprehensive summary of the national data is the fundamental of works expanded from data. So the system need to centralize managing data, and provide abundant multidimensional and sub-divisional of statistics reports and UI display functions based on the data with strong visual data presentation capabilities.
        Advertising management platform using full-text index search technology and statistical distributing data can be displayed flexibly by map.
        Project framework and technologies adopt Java mainstream open source framework such as, struts、hibernate、spring,  and database MySQL 5.0.



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