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Healthcare R&D Service

        ASDC is committed to provide software technology service for the health care industry for many years, in the aspect of medical imaging and medical informatization, has a wealth of experience and strong technical capabilities, and has gradually formed a image processing and medical informatization, the two core business areas.
        ASDC medical business pursues the objective of “root in clinical; efficiency in execution”, providing the following professional, reliable and customer-satisfied software services:
        Medical software middleware
        Equipment manufacturers software development services
       Medical institutions Software Support Services
        Scientific institutes research technical services

        Case introduction

        A domestic medical institutions neurosurgery image research systems

        By three-dimensional processing multimodal neurosurgery imaging, the system helps clinicians achieve a three-dimensional structure and location relationships of brain and cerebral vascular for analyzing, planning operation in advance, providing doctors with a better interaction, more accurately determining the patient brain tissue case, and planning operation process.

        Overview of the system functions as follows
        Multi-modal image registration, manual / automatic registration adjustment
        Automatic segmentation of brain tissue, manual / automatic adjustment segmentation results
        Path planning of surgical, support Leksell head frame coordinates calculation
        Realistic three-dimensional rendering of brain tissue

        A medical suppliers 3D software modules

        Based on independently researched and developed three-dimensional image core module, the software system provided some independent, fast, rapid development of MPR, 3D reconstruction, and 3D image processing software modules for a manufacturer.
        This module has the following schematic structure
        Initialization and function  for reading Dicom file.
        MPR • MIP • VR • Crop processing function
        Multiple sequences mixing function

        Partners and customers:
        Beijing Union Medical College Hospital
        Peking University third hospital
        Shanghai First People's Hospital
        Beijing Tiantan Hospital
        The 306th Hospital of PLA
        Yuquan Hospital of Tsinghua University
        The Tsinghua University School of Medicine
        Tsinghua University Center for biomedical imaging



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