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Mobile imaging system

        Product overview
        Mobile imaging system supports specially for the professional medical care imaging, and supports Android tablet mobile display terminal, taking advantage of mobile devices and wireless networking features, letting the doctor review the hospital medical imaging in real time, breaking the limitation of time and space.

        Imaging client of tablet terminal
        Supporting wireless network connection, realizing of mobile reading and ward rounds, breaking the limitation of time and space.
        Tablet client supports online / offline browsing in two modes. User can access real-time data, also download the required imaging in nurse station ahead of time, caching the imaging data into tablet storage in advance that realizes the off-line reviewing, so that solving the problem of access speed caused by wireless network instability in ward.
        Operating as an independent system, providing secondary integration development interfaces for other medical systems, can be an integral portion of other mobile medical products.
        Support Android system, safe and stable operation, reduce the cost of purchasing
Mobile Imaging Server

        Mobile video server is responsible for handling the request of tablet client imaging review, reducing the load pressure of the PACS server through caching recent imaging data.
        In PACS side, DICOM AE configuration can be completed once, greatly simplifying the maintenance workload implemented by information and radiology department, reducing the security risks of imaging data leakage
        According to the actual needs of the hospital, providing configurable cache policy, based on the image saving time, the quantities of server data storage controls the data caching automatically. Recommending to configure cache policy for a month is used for the amount of imaging data storage.
        Frequently accessed hot data cached in the local server, reducing the network and process load pressure of PACS server, the pressure because of reading imaging data repetitively.
        Supporting extended query of historical data, the data required from mobile client does not exist in mobile server, the server will read the data from PACS, and the entire process is transparent to mobile client.
        Supporting the data updating from server every day during the lower usage of network bandwidth( in the morning), fully taking advantage of the hospital network bandwidth. Meanwhile, providing the control function of server network bandwidth, avoiding of over pressure because of instantly accessing PACS system.
        Providing pre-loading controller interfaces, Electronic medical records, and HIS interfaces, and providing the pre-loading for history imaging data of inpatient.

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