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Unified data ---- The third party client traffic analysis system

        Mobile Internet application ( referees as application)  will generate data traffic  actively or passively in the process of usage, these data traffic is generated from each operation of each application to request for or response from server. Meanwhile, data flow generated by each operation will have its own characteristics, so we capture technologically and analyze the network data traffic generated by applications, to establish the feature library of each application for each operation, after the library finished, finally realizing the comparison according to the data flow produced by network with related feature library, in order to reverse inferring that which user is using which application is as well as the concrete operation of the application
        The project in terms of data capture: Network seven layer model, the project mainly focused on The application layer and the transport layer in using Wireshark tool.
        Accessibility tools: Taking advantage of .Net Winform in high efficiency development and strong usability, developed accessibility test tool in .net Winform also.  For NIC data capture at hardware aspect, applying the third-party DLL (PcapDotNet), in the specific implementation, applying cross-UI multi-thread technology and so on; At data storage aspect, because of relative small size of data, for convenience data migration, applying XML for data storage is better, therefore, during the process of implementation, applying .NET XML technologies such as Serialization and deserialization, entity Framework and so on.



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