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Enterprise archives management system

        According to the actual situation of the enterprise, providing a variety of business archives, supporting the infrastructure integration of enterprise service bus (ESB) and enterprise content management platform (ECM) , providing full range of archives business services in service-oriented architecture (SOA), the system can integrate multiple business system of enterprise in automatic archiving, query, usage ,implementation of enterprise application integration (EAI) and support more refined empowerment and approval flow, applying cloud application (SAAS) and achieving huge centralized application of multi branches.

        In addition to filing and archiving, enterprises, but also need to arrange and archive business products, contract, credit, accounting, audio-visual,personnel and other large number of documents in operating activities of business department. In terms of business, the system realized archiving, arrangement, utilization, compilation, borrowing, identification, statistics works and so on.
Advantages and features:

        Supporting for multiple archive categories
        The classification of enterprise archives is mainly based on the enterprise management function, and combines for customization with the archive content and characteristics of form, in addition to the documents, photographs, audio and video, real, as well as the party archives, technology files, accounting files, infrastructure files, operation and management archives, equipment and instruments archives and so on, besides enterprise’s special production or business professional archives.
        ASDC archives management system supports in accordance with the enterprise specific category classification rules to customize a variety of types of archive categories, meeting the needs of their own development and scientific management.
        File management standardization and normalization
        The system implements strictly based on related to international and national archive laws and computer technology standards and norms, especially supporting national electronic document metadata package specification, ensuring management compliance with user management archives.

        Solving the enterprise information assets collection, safekeeping issue, lightening the workload of the file manager.
        High degree of enterprise information results as various application systems, large amount of information of archiving electronic files and all kinds of operating systems, such as OA、SCM、ERP and a variety of business systems. The system supports a variety of interaction protocols and supports multiple loosely-coupled integration of heterogeneous systems.

        Effective protection of corporate information security
        The system supports fine empowerment, authenticity verification; DRM which can control the electronic file browsing, print, download, copy, and logging detailed.
        Archival utilities more convenient
        In addition to supporting the general directory searches, the system also supports full-text search, intelligent retrieval, improving the retrieval accuracy and usability, convenient for all personnel within the scope of his/her authority to query in usage, and supports the need of checking the online borrowing status of no authorized records.

        System function:


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