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Sina tourism

        Sina tourismweb integrated large and medium-sized travel agenciesand their products all over the country. it is now the biggest domestic e-commerce platform which has the most completetourism productsdepartures. Throughopening product management rights, unified standard service process, Sina tourismwebwill become the biggest comprehensive tourism e-commerce interactive trading service platform.
        Sina tourism brings the newest creative tourism concepts and community operation idea, to realize a community-driven online travel market. You will not only be able to purchase all kinds of travel products, but also make friends, interact with them and sharing on our platform.Login to Sina tourism web, you will be able to find and join in your favorite theme activities circle,make more travel-loving friends. It will bring you lots of fun on your travel regardless of making friends, training or photography.
the first O2O travel agency e-buiz trading platform in China
        Sina tourismweb is an O2O(online to offline)nationwide travel agencies e-business trading platform. It combined all mainstream travel agencies in big cities all over the country to form up a nationwide travel alliance and took advantage of each travel agency’s off-line store to finalize the offline operational management of online business. Other than the traditional operation of B2C online travel,Sina tourism webis offline-agencies oriented and providing a perfect and scientific e-business trading platform for all travel consumers and agencies. It broke up the one-way service of online travel and finally realized an onlinemarketing and offline consumption combined closed-loop lap.

        Project Features and advantages
        According to the performance and scalability requirements of Sina tourism platform,the project applied a popular LAMP architecture at present, which combined APC (PHP precompiled   framework) and Memcache(cache framework) to meet the performance and scalability requirements.  CodeIgniter (PHP open source framework) is a simple and fast PHP MVC framework, which is layered structure, containing presentation layer,application layer / integrated application layer, service layer, domain layer, persistence layer, integration layer, generic layer and data layer.
        This system is using a distributed architecture:
        1.through software agent to realize load balancing
        2.Static and dynamic separation
        3.database R/W separation
        4.Support for full-text search
        Front-end technology
        1.Using HTML5 and CSS3 for front-end
        2.JQuery for Javascript
        3.Support for mainstream browser such as IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox,Chrome,Safari,360, baidu, Maxthon
        Back-end technology
        1.LAMP framework (Linux,Apache,Mysql,PHP)
        2.use APC,Memcache,MySQL Partication and other technology to optimize performance 
        3.through Proxy, cluster, static and dynamic separation to realize system high availability and high scalability
        4.full-text search engine:  Lucene



        System Architecture



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