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Clinical department management system

       Product overview:

        ASDC clinical department management system provides the daily management of the clinical departments, statistical analysis, decision support, supplies management and other functions. Better to carry out the department management for clinical departments, grasp the department of status information, meanwhile, and provide supports for doctor's all kinds of clinical, scientific research, teaching and other activities. Doctor’s personal research and affairs which is related to the management of Department, all can be entered respectively into corresponded section columns. Department director can check dynamic information and history information of general supplies etc in department, at the same time, can also see the personal information of each doctor in the department.

       Product functions:

       Patient administration (patient record, image information, documentation, clinical examination, Follow-up indicators, extended information etc.)

       Scheduling management (operation scheduling, outpatient service scheduling, physician scheduling)
       Personal Office (Office work, project management, publication management, award-winning management)
       Supplies management (supplies basic information, supplies, consumables out of storage, supplies inventory)

       DICOM Viewer
       Main functions: Image display (including multi-layer), presetting window wide and  position, corner information, CT measurement, referring to the auxiliary measurement, volume estimation, pseudo-color, cardiothoracic ratio, select the measurement object, arrow tagging, text annotation, measuring the length, angle, oval area, measuring mark set, batch export images, drawings, open, save the image, adjust the window, drag, zoom, magnifying glass, image flip, image play and so on;
       Image acquisition (via disk image acquisition, Dicom acquisition, jpeg import, etc.)
       Query statistics (physician workload statistics, surgery statistics, cost statistics, supplies statistics)
       Notification notices, regulations issued notice
       Public information management, systems management

       Distribution characteristics and querying and browsing to businesses work in anytime and anywhere
       Data exchange platform for department information management requirements
       Can work with other hospital information systems for information transmission, easy to find and use, improve work efficiency
       Once collected, multiple use, long-term storage, network sharing, to facilitate departments sustainable development
       Effective solution to the problem of limited medical resources allocation optimization
       Grasps overall information of department, facilitates leader inquiry




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