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Financial Logistics Service Platform

       Project introduction

       In order to improve the SME financing loan application in long period processing, the approval process opaque, and regulatory information notice un-immediately, Kanazawa Logistics Group  built financial logistics service platform.
The platform, with financial institutions, trade and manufacturing enterprises, supervision enterprises, insurance assessment institutions and so on, created a one-stop comprehensive service platform with a set of "financial services, logistics services, supervision service, and information service".In the supply chain, commercial manufacturing enterprises makes raw materials or finished goods as collateral in the platform, and then pledges tangible the product or materials to financial institutions for financing, the process under the supervision of third party Logistics Company.After audited the enterprise financing off-line, financial institutes make approvals of financing application online within the platform, real-time viewing collateral inventory, dynamically adjusting the price of collateral and informing regulatory information by SMS. Supervision enterprises manage the collateral inventory list through the platform, checking the collateral warehouse by the real-time monitoring and tracking the trend of collateral price.Logistics finance service platform creates a new business space of crossing industry and intercross development, solves the problem of revolving capital for small and medium-sized dealers, improves the financial institutions fund utilization rate, and expands the new market of logistics enterprises.

        The features and advantages of the project
        Financial service platform provides the convenience of online financing channels for small and medium enterprises, for the financial and regulatory agencies to provide a clear way to streamline the audit and supervision.
        1.Page lightweight. Page using lightweight JS framework - jQuery technology. Support multiple browsers. To be able to run efficiently on the web platform.
        2.Jump centralized applying. The framework highly encapsulated application layer, which is responsible for data transmission, centralized jump, unified exception handling.
        3.loose coupling model. New design data model, breaking the old complex association. A new data structure is more concise and clear, within the original structure, the data can turn each other.
        4.Excellent framework.  Framework to keep under the condition of multilayer arrangement, without losing performance. Logic clear and efficient response.
        5.General processing. Mainly processing core program of the framework, exceptions, logging, transaction management, cache management, etc.

        Functional partitioning


        System architecture


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