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China Telecom information Experience center

       China Telecom information Experience center, which is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, isa full facial charm, stirring creating force and high-quality venue. Inext is not only the achievementpresentation window of transformation and innovation of China Telecom (integrated information service provider), as well as a platform to communicate with clients and partners, and also the application show base of Jiangsu Province science education base and Nanjing IOT. Exhibition hall has three floors and 4000 square meters in total, and through advanced AV devices to showcase how hundreds of infomationizedapplicationsin the aspect of work, family, life and leisure in thefuture intelligentcity and comprehensively provide a high-tech information experience of intelligent life for visitors by physical presentation, scene simulation and interactive experience.
        Intelligent Home


        Inext 4th reconstruction project (2013-2014), the total remodeling area is 1,800 square meters,
combined with cloud computing, IOT, big data, 4G mobile Internet and other advanced information technology, to create an Intellectual future museum. Main contents include: Millennium transfer (ICT development history), Voice data communications principle,  Intelligent Youth Olympic Games, Intelligent cloud (cloud computing), IOT gallery(IOT), Intelligent government affairs, Intelligent life, Intelligent Industries.
        Main work

        Intelligent City Consulting Planning: Intelligent Cityconcept / planning、comprehensive solution design consulting service and etc.

        Project integration: total Integration Services, responsible for whole project design, integration, implementation and maintenance work.

        Software Development / Integration:  software design & development (intelligent home / car networking, etc.), management platform building, software systems integration work.
        Media Production: corporate image films, animation and other media work.
        Hardware integration:Weak electricity, equipment procurement / deployment / integration work
       Construction:  Strong & Weak electricity construction, engineering construction
        Main exhibition effect


                    ↑Millennium transfer (ICT development history)        ↑Intelligent Spring (IT concept of popular science )


            ↑Intelligent Home (kitchen,  refrigerator, Table )        ↑Intelligent Home (kitchen,  window , Table )   

        ↑Intelligent Home (living room)                                   ↑Intelligent Home (study room)        

         ↑Car (   Internet of car refitted car )                           ↑Intelligent Youth Olympic Games

         ↑Intelligent cloud                                                       ↑Intelligent livelihood

        Customer Reviews
        Inext 4th remodeling project has been recognized by all level leaders and clients.  Jan. 6th, 2014, Heping Shi ( Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province), Jinxue Xiao (Jiangsu Telecom general manager) and other leaders hosted and participated the opening ceremony of the project and highly appraised the project.     


        ↑Vice Governor Shi(the left) andcompany president Xiao opened the ceremony    


        ↑Vice Governor Shi(the left) andcompany president Xiao were experiencing intelligent home.


        ↑Vice Governor Shi was experiencing the internet of modified car.    


        ↑Leaders at all levels to experience the intelligent home.
        ↑Leaders at all levels to experience 4G mobile Internet . 


        ↑Leaders at all levels to experience the intelligent city.

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